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Rally Italy / Sardinia - rally travel by A&S rally tours's more than a tour!

Sardinia -

The second biggest island in the Mediterranien See is a unique sanctury with thousands of rare animals and plants. Lots of coves and bays fascinate you with emerald-green water and white sand beaches.
The island is mainly mountainous but without high summits and captivates through its extensive and beautiful natural landscape.
This gorgeous island is an impressive scenery for the Italian WRC course.

A&S Rally Sardinia tour 2024                  29th May - 02nd June 2024 

Argent Green.JPG

Wednesday, 29th May 2024

Individual arrival (own flight booking)

Airport transfer Alghero - hotel  according to prior

agreement and availability

Airport transfer OIbia - hotel departure approx. 17:00

(Olbia two way ticket +50,- €  per person)

If you have any enquiries about your flight bookings,
please do not hesitate to contact us.


Visiting a super market for shopping

Individual visiting picturesque old town Alghero

Welcome and briefing

Lerno Katsu Landung.JPG

Thursday, 30th May 2024

Driving through few parts of SS

Visiting some spectator areas previously


Meeting some drivers at their Recce Service Points, if


Visiting the Ceremonial Start near the harbour

Friday and Saturday, 31st May 2024

Visiting the Shakedown


Visiting  2  special stages


Visiting the Service Park

Saturday, 01st June 2024

Visiting  3  special stages


Visiting the Service Park

PTIT2019 Toy Wasserd.JPG

Sunday, 02nd June  2024

Check out

Visiting 1 special stage

Visiting the regrouping in Palmudula

airport transfer Olbia, arrival approx. 15:00

!  The programme is depending on the time table.

   Subject to change

It2019 Hyu Meer.JPG

Our services:

IT2019 Erula oben.JPG
It2019 Erula Skoda Sprung.JPG

A&S VIP pass

Rally Sardinia GOLD Pass

programme of the Rally  Italy de Sardegna  (if available)

airport transfer as described above

welcome and briefing

4 nights at the 4**** Hotel Soled Alghero

transportation by minibuses (9-seater)


coffee during the day (Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

attractive places for spectators, which we personally        chose for you / partly VIP-areas

expert guided by qualified scouts in German and English

result service and start lists  (digital)

access to the special stages and the Service Park

visiting the Shakedown​

organisation of additional accommodation    (on request)

Our price:   1.098,- €     per person in a 4 bed room

                                                               3 bed room  + 40,- €  p.p.

                                                               double  room  + 95,- €  p.p.

                                                               single room. + 195,- €  p.p.

Booking A&S tour Rally Italia de Sardegna 2024

Danke! Die Nachricht wurde gesendet. Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich bei Ihnen.

Terms & conditions:


The number of the participants is limited on 14. There is no right of participation.


The journey to the rally location and the departure is in personal responsibility. Airport transfer from airport Alghero at a fixed time is included.


The organizer is not liable in any case of cancelling the rally or cancelling of super stages.


Motorsports can be dangerous. The participants of the A&S rally tour are responsible by themselves to take care for her safety and to follow the advises of the marshals. Adjust your clothes to the weather expected and in particular wear appropriate shoes.


Cancellation  fee:

more than 40 days until the rally:                                    40% of the price

40 - 15 days until the rally:                                                70 % of the price

less than 15 days until the rally:                                       90 % of the price

less than 3 days until the journey:                                100 % of the price

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